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Established in 1981, Hop Cheong Metal Product Fty. Ltd. is an enterprise solely funded by Hong Kong investor. The factory was established  in mainland in 1990. It is change type on July 2013; and the factory name changed from Shen Zhen City LongGang District LongGang Xin Sheng Kam Cheong metal factory to sole proprietorship Kam Cheong Precision Metal (ShenZhen) Co., Ltd.The company is mainly engaged in manufacturing hardware moulds, punching precision hardware parts, producing sophisticated parts with automatic lathe and quickly speed NCT and laser cutting; what’s more we are also engaged in surface painting and silkscreen of the products etc.  With the head office in Hong Kong , Kam Cheong Industries Company is a subsidiary of the company , Kam Cheong Precision Metal (ShenZhen) Co., LTD. is the production base located in ShenZhen , China.  Through over three decades’ hard work, the plant has been expanded in scale, with production floorage of 8000 square meters and land...
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    2018 12 / 02
    Hop Cheong Metal Product  Fty. Ltd. have more than 30 years experience in stamping metal parts including surface treatment, after we continuously make efforts that we have many overseas customers; for example Japan, United State and Israel Germany and Singapore etc that we cooperate each other for many years !! And we have China customers location in ShenZhen and DongGuan city. All has honestly cooperate and the PO. Is stable every month, what’s more Hop Cheong product quality is very good; we always provide the high grade and in-time service for all our customers !! Especially Israel customer business increase every years, which is most share in Hop Cheong business !!     In a short time ago, our Israel customer operation VIP visit our factory special trip, has a ...
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    2018 10 / 26
    The advent of the global financial crisis has caused the hardware industry to fall back, and some common problems in the hardware industry are undoubtedly exposed. For example, there are problems such as low technical content and low industry standard threshold. Some small and medium-sized hardware companies have closed down due to the financial crisis. The hardware industry has backward technology and equipment, low management level, short industrial chain and lack of market competitiveness.Under the current circumstances, it is the period of rectification of the hardware industry, raising the threshold of the industry, setting industry standards, and regulating the market. Doors and windows, sanitary ware and other industries have low barriers. They should standardize the market and carr...
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    2018 10 / 26
    Looking at the entire hardware market, we can see that the market is full of big or small, or well-known or niche brands. The number of brands is tens of thousands. On the one hand, the hardware industry is developing rapidly, and the market dividend attracts hardware companies. On the other hand, it indicates that the brand is flooding, the hardware industry is too inflated, and there is no industry planning. With the continuous development and self-improvement of the hardware industry, the hardware industry may face a "shuffle" revolution in the future, which is an inevitable war. In this battle, which brands stand out and which brands are slamming down, the key factor lies in the hardware companies themselves, so if hardware companies want to stabilize their heels in the "...
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    2018 10 / 26
    It is said that the finishing touch is a wonderful pen. In the wooden door, if the wooden door is a very powerful dragon, then the hardware of the wooden door is the eye of the dragon, adding a wonderful pen! So what should we have for such a baby’s "eyes"? Understand?The first is the door lock: you should purchase a high-grade security lock, used on the wooden door, it is best to lock the lock, the weight of the lock is compared with the hand. The heavier the nut is, the thicker the material is, the more resistant it is to wear. On the contrary, the material is thin and easily damaged. Secondly, look at the surface finish of the lock, whether it is fine and smooth, no spots. Repeatedly open to see the sensitivity of the lock core spring; for the silent lock, it is to see the sen...
Industry news
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    2018 11 / 13
    After we received the drawings, we will decide the production type Laser cutting, CNC punching or cutting and tooling according to the part drawings and different down material way. Then make the extend dimension. Because the affection of CNC punching machines, the edge will be burr  during punching the irregularly-shaped and anomaly holes, which we will de-burr process in the next . At the same time , it will affect the precision of parts. But laser cutting is no this limit, the cutting fracture surface smooth, it is more suitable to punch irregularly shaped holes. But it take more time in small parts !!     Place the work table near the machines, which is more easy to manufacture and operate !!     2 we have to de-burr after the material punch...
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    2018 10 / 26
    The hardware chain market has developed rapidly in the past few years. The development of China's hardware joining market has benefited from the development of China's economy and benefited from the rapid development of China's hardware agency industry. Luo Baihui, secretary general of the International Model Association, pointed out that China's hardware manufacturing industry is already a manufacturing base for hardware industry at home and abroad, and its production share accounts for more than half of domestic and foreign hardware manufacturing. China's hardware manufacturing industry is in a stage of rapid expansion. The situation laid the foundation for the development of the hardware market in various provinces and cities.Along with the intensification of market competition pressure...
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    2018 10 / 26
    On October 25th, at the 2017 China International Hardware Exhibition and China International Kitchen Expo, which was concluded in Shanghai, it was learned that the second batch of China Home Hardware Group standards was officially released at the exhibition, and the third batch of China Hardware Group Standards was officially launched. What is more concerned is that the domestic leading enterprises and foreign high-end brands' governance standards benchmarking report is released. The report shows that the leading domestic enterprise hardware group standards and product technical indicators represented by the leading enterprise “Dongtai Hardware” have completely surpassed the EU. Some indicators fill the gaps of similar standards at home and abroad, and the standard has already occupied the...
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    2018 10 / 26
    In recent years, the competition in the hardware market has become increasingly fierce, and various drawbacks of traditional sales channels have gradually become exposed. In order to gain a dominant position in the competition, hardware companies actively explore new marketing models, coupled with the promotion of the Internet, the hardware industry's sales channels are increasingly diversified, which is a good thing, hardware companies can effectively integrate the advantages of each channel, and then borrow Its power effectively avoids all kinds of risks.Marketing:First, the store operation: high cost and strong dependenceIn recent years, hardware sales channels have been concentrated in stores, and hardware companies with certain strength and reputation have accelerated the pace of ente...
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说明: EASSON Projector
说明: 275 吨 MARK2冲床
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案例名称: TRUMPF 2020(GERMANY)
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